2018 June Endorsements
Sat May 5, 2018 1:35:00 am

San Francisco for Democracy's endorsements for the June Primary:

U.S. Senate

David Hildebrand

Congress, District 12

  1. Barry Hermanson
  2. Stephen Jaffe
  3. Nancy Pelosi

Congress, District 14

Jackie Speier


Delaine Eastin

Lieutenant Governor

Gayle McLaughlin

Secretary of State

Ruben Major

Attorney General

Dave Jones


Betty Yee


Fiona Ma

Board of Equalization

Malia Cohen

Superintendant of Public Instruction

Tony Thurmond

Assembly District 17

David Chiu

Assembly District 19

No recommendation

Superior Court Judge

  • Maria Evangelista
  • Kwixuan Maloof
  • Niki Solis
  • Phoenix Streets


  1. Mark Leno
  2. Jane Kim
  3. Amy Weiss

BOS District 8

Rafael Mandelman

State Propositions

68 - Yes

69 - Yes

70 - No

71 - Yes

72 - Yes

Regional Measure 3 - No

Local Propositions

A - Yes

B - Yes

C - Yes

D - No

E - Yes

F - Yes

G - Yes

H - No

I - Yes

Be sure to vote ranked choice for Mayor!


November 2016 Endorsements
Fri Sep 9, 2016 12:35:00 pm

Endorsements finalized on Sept 7, 2016 by the membership.  You can find candidate questionnaires, ballot measure analyses, interview videos, and other materials here.

U.S. President
Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senate
Kamala Harris

U.S. Congress, District 12
Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Congress, District 14
Jackie Speier

California State Senate, District 11
Jane Kim

California State Assembly, District 17
David Chiu

California State Assembly, District 19
Phil Ting

Superior Court Judge, Office Number 7
Victor Hwang

SF Board of Supervisors: District 1
Sandra Lee Fewer

SF Board of Supervisors: District 3
Aaron Peskin

SF Board of Supervisors: District 5
Dean Preston

SF Board of Supervisors: District 7
Norman Yee

SF Board of Supervisors: District 9
Hillary Ronen

SF Board of Supervisors: District 11
Kimberly Alvarenga

SF Board of Education
Warning: Voters can only vote for 4 of these five in the November election
Rachel Norton
Stevon Cook
Trevor McNeil
Matthew Haney
Mark Sanchez

SF Community College Board
Alex Randolph
Rafael Mandelman
Shanell Williams
Tom Temprano

BART Board of Directors: District 7
Lateefah Simon

BART Board of Directors: District 9
Bevan Dufty

Local Ballot Propositions
Prop A: School Bonds—YES
Prop B: City College Parcel Tax Extension—YES
Prop C: General Revenue Bonds—YES
Prop D: Vacancy Appointment Limitations—YES
Prop E: Street Maintenance Responsibility—YES
Prop F: 16 & 17 year olds voting in School Board elections—YES
Prop G: Police Accountability, Office of Citizens Complaints—YES
Prop H: Public Advocate Office created—YES
Prop I: Dignity Fund, set-asides for seniors and adults with disability—YES
Prop J: Set-aside funds for transportation, homeless—no recommendation*
Prop K: Sales Tax Increase—NO
Prop L: MTA Appointments, split in power between Mayor & BOS—YES
Prop M: Create Housing & Development Commission—YES
Prop N: Non-citizen voting in School Board Elections—YES
Prop O: Office Development at Candlestick & Hunters Point—NO
Prop P: Competitive Bidding for Affordable Housing Development—NO
Prop Q: Prohibit Tents on Public Sidewalks—NO
Prop R: Safe Neighborhoods, create new dedicated police unit—NO
Prop S: Allocation of hotel tax—YES
Prop T: Restricting Campaign Contributions—YES
Prop U: Affordable Housing, increase income percentage in definition—NO
Prop V: Tax on Sweet Beverages—YES
Prop W: Transfer tax on luxury properties—YES
Prop X: Space preservation for Community Services—YES

Regional Ballot Proposition
Prop RR: Bond for BART, 3.5 billion—YES

State Ballot Propositions
Prop 51: School Bonds—YES
Prop 52: Medi-Cal Reimbursement—no recommendation*
Prop 53: Voter Approval for Revenue Bonds that Exceed $2 Billion—NO
Prop 54: Legislature Transparency Act—no recommendation*
Prop 55: Tax Extension to Fund Education—YES
Prop 56: Cigarette Tax Increase, $2 per pack—YES
Prop 57: Criminal Sentences & Juvenile Sentencing—YES
Prop 58: Multilingual Education Act—YES
Prop 59: Overturn Citizens United Act—YES
Prop 60: Require Condoms in Adult Films—NO
Prop 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases Standards—YES
Prop 62: Death Penalty Abolition—YES
Prop 63: Firearms & Ammunition Sales—YES
Prop 64: Marijuana Legalization—YES
Prop 65: Charges for Carry-out Bags—NO
Prop 66: Death Penalty Procedures—NO
Prop 67: Uphold Ban on Single-Use Bags—YES

* no recommendation - the vote did not reach our 60% threshold.


June 2016 Endorsements
Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:08:00 am

SF Democratic Party County Central Committee, District 17

Important note: we endorsed 15 candidates, but you can vote for no more than 14 slots on the official ballot.

  • Alysabeth Alexander
  • Tom Ammiano
  • John Burton
  • David Campos
  • Malia Cohen
  • Petra deJesus
  • Jon Golinger
  • Michael Grafton
  • Pratima Gupta
  • Shaun Haines
  • Jane Kim
  • Rafael Mandelman
  • Aaron Peskin
  • Gladys Soto
  • Cindy Wu

SF Democratic Party County Central Committee District 19

  • Brigitte Davila
  • Sandra Lee Fewer
  • Hene Kelly
  • Eric Mar
  • Gabriel Medina
  • Myrna Melgar
  • Norman Yee

SF Green Party County Central Committee

  • John Marc Chandonia
  • Barry Hermanson
  • Richard Stone

President of the United States

Bernie Sanders

United States Senate

Kamala Harris

United States Congressional Representative, District 14

Jackie Speier

United States Congressional Representative, District 12

Barry Hermanson

(San Francisco for Democracy believes that in a top 2 election, the opposition should be a strong progressive rather than a Republican)

California State Senate, District 11

Jane Kim

California State Assembly, District 17

David Chiu

California State Assembly, District 19

Phil Ting

Superior Court Judge, Office Number 7

Victor Hwang


SF Local Ballot Measures

Proposition A: Public Health and Safety Bond YES

Proposition B: Park, Recreation and Open Space Fund NO

Proposition C: Affordable Housing Requirements YES

Proposition D: Office of Citizens Complaints Investigations: YES

Proposition E: Paid Sick Leave YES


District Ballot Measures

SF Bay Clean Water, Pollution Prevention and Habitat Restoration Program YES


State of California Ballot Measures

Proposition 50: Suspension of Legislators YES

Candidate statements and ballot measure information may be found here.


Endorsements for November Election
Sat Sep 6, 2014 1:20:00 am

Following are the endorsements finalized at the Sept. 3 General Membership meeting of San Francisco for Democracy:

United States - Federal
U.S. House of Representatives District 12 - Nancy Pelosi
U.S. House or Representatives District 14 - Jackie Speier

California Offices
Governor - Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown
Lieutenant Governor - No Endorsement
Secretary of State - Alex Padilla
Controller- Betty Yee
Treasurer - John Chiang
Board of Equalization - Fiona Ma
Attorney General - Kamala Harris
Insurance Commissioner - Dave Jones
Superintendent of Public Instruction - Tom Torlakson

Assembly District 17 - David Campos
Assembly District 19 - Phil Ting

City and County of San Francisco
Board of Supervisors: District 2 - No recommendation *
Board of Supervisors: District 4 - No endorsement
Board of Supervisors: District 6 - Jane Kim
Board of Supervisors: District 8 - No recommendation *
Board of Supervisors: District 10 - Tony Kelly
Public Defender - Jeff Adachi
Assessor/Recorder - Carmen Chu
Superior Court Seat 20 - Daniel Flores
Bay Area Rapid Transit: District 8 - No endorsement
Community College Board: Four-Year Term - Wendy Aragon, Brigitte Davila, Thea Selby
Community College Board: Two-Year Term - William Walker
Board of Education - Stevon Cook

State of California Propositions
Prop 1 (Water Bond) - No recommendation *
Prop 2 ("rainy day" fund increase) - Yes
Prop 45 (Healthcare Insurance) - Yes
Prop 46 (Drug & Alcohol Testing) - No recommendation *
Prop 47 (Criminal sentences) - Yes
Prop 48 (Indian Gaming) - Yes

City and County of San Francisco Propositions
Prop A (Transportation Bond) - Yes
Prop B (Transportation Funding) - Yes
Prop C (Children's fund) - Yes
Prop D (Retiree Health Benefits) - Yes
Prop E (Tax Sugared Beverages) - No recommendation *
Prop F (Pier 70) - Yes
Prop G (Transfer Tax on Property) - Yes
Prop H (Golden Gate keep grass) - Yes
Prop I (Kill Prop H + worse) - No
Prop J (Minimum Wage Increase) - Yes
Prop K (Affordable Housing) - Yes
Prop L (Transportation Priorities) - No

* No recommendation - did not meet the 60% threshold.

Videos, candidate questionnaires, and ballot measure information may be found here.


June 3 Endorsements
Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:02:00 am

On Thursday, April 10, the San Francisco for Democracy PAC made its endorsements for the June 3 election.  The results were:

Congressional District 12

No Recommendation*

(Pelosi / Hermanson split)

California Secretary of State

Derek Cressman

Board of Equalization

Fiona Ma

Assembly, District 17

David Campos

Assembly, District 19

Phil Ting

State Proposition 41


State Proposition 42


San Francisco Proposition A


San Francisco Proposition B


*No candidate received the 60% threshold needed for endorsement.

Candidate questionnaires and ballot measure summaries are available here.


DFA bringing back Night School
Tue Mar 4, 2014 1:19:00 pm

Democracy for America is bringing back its long-missed online classes for grassroots campaigners.  All classes start at 6pm Pacific Time and run for one hour a night; this month the topic is fundraising.  And the best part: it's free!  You can sign up here.


November 2012 Endorsements
Sat Sep 15, 2012 2:17:15 am
President Barack Obama
U.S. Senate Dianne Feinstein
U.S. House, District 12 Nancy Pelosi
2nd choice: Barry Hermanson
U.S. House, District 14 Jackie Speier
CA Senate, District 11 (early endorsed) Mark Leno
CA Assembly, District 17 (early endorsed) Tom Ammiano
CA Assembly, District 19 Phil Ting
Supervisor, District 1 Eric Mar
Supervisor, District 3 David Chiu
Supervisor, District 5 John Rizzo
Supervisor, District 7 F.X. Crowley
Supervisor, District 9 David Campos
Supervisor, District 11 John Avalos
Board of Education Sandra Lee Fewer
Gladys Soto
College Board Amy Bacharach
Chris Jackson
Rafael Mandelman
BART Board, District 7 Maria Alegria
BART Board, District 9 No Recommendation
Local Propositions  
Prop A (CCSF Parcel Tax) Yes
Prop B (Parks Bond) No
Prop C (Housing Trust Fund) Yes
Prop D (Consolidating Odd-Year Elections No
Prop E (Gross Receipts Tax) Yes
Prop F (Water Study) No
Prop G (Opposing Corporate Personhood) Yes
State Propositions  
Prop 30 (Governor's Tax Measure) Yes
Prop 31 (Budget Limitaions)       No
Prop 32 (Destroying Union Political Power) NO
Prop 33 (Mercury Insurance) No
Prop 34 (Repeal Death Penalty) Yes
Prop 35 ("Human Trafficking") No Recommendation
Prop 36 (Ease Three Strikes) Yes
Prop 37 (Labeling GMOs) Yes
Prop 38 (Education Sales Tax) No Recommendation
Prop 39 (Tax Multistate Biz; Clean Energy Jobs) Yes
Prop 40 (Keep Independent Senate Redistricting) Yes

Candidate questionnaires, videos, and ballot measure info can be found here. Our handy voter guide is here.


Samuel L Jackson says
Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:15:22 am


Minnesota, one of your Senators is missing
Sun Apr 5, 2009 1:21:12 am

The March 31 NY 20 Special Election to replace newly minted Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has now come and gone; on Thursday Republican Jim Tedisco conceded the race with only 401 votes separating him from Democrat Scott Murphy. Meanwhile, in the North Star State, the election has been over for six months, a state-mandated recount has been completed, and Norm Coleman has lost his suit to overturn the recount. Coleman, who had this to say

the day after the election, is currently in the process of submitting a brief for an appeal, which if accepted, will commence around June 1.

No one who has been following this seriously thinks Coleman has a chance to win this election. So why do the Republicans continue to fund his windmill-jousting? Hard to escape the conclusion that it all has to do with Franken being the 59th 60th vote for the Obama agenda. A vote for the environment, a vote for health care, a vote for justice, a vote for labor. You know, everything Republicans hate.

So what can we do about it? DFA and the Progressive Change Committee have put together a clever program to make Norm regret his obstructionism by funding progressive challengers. Just go to NormDollar.com and sign up to donate a dollar (or five, or whatever) to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee for every day this baloney drags on. Over $34,000 raised in the first week! 


Our Official 2008 Presidential Endorsement Vote
Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:34:00 pm

After a week of on-line voting using Demo Choice software, no one Presidential candidate was able to reach the 60% threshold needed for an official SF4Democracy Federal Action endorsement.   But the distribution of votes in the first round made clear the majority of those who voted overwhelmingly favored one of three progressive candidates:  Edwards, Kucinich, or Obama.  

An advantage of using ranked choice voting in a contest where the individual voter may find several candidates acceptable is that its instant run-off results will reflect a broader base of support for a possible “run-off winner.”   In this particular poll, many members who had a first choice preference for one of the lower vote getters were still able to influence the final results by virtue of their second or third choice preferences. As the rounds of ballot counting progressed, it was clear that people who had cast their first choice vote for Clinton, Dodd,  Richardson, or McKinney had also indicated a lower choice vote for one of the candidates listed above. 

The penultimate round saw the elimination of Kucinich, leaving Edwards with 58.7% of the final vote, and Obama with 41.3%. Taken as a whole, 92% of participating voters wound up having a say in this final outcome.  You can view all the rounds of voting in this Demo Choice poll here.

It's interesting to note the similarity of our results to a recent DFA Presidential Primary poll in which no one candidate received the 66% needed to earn DFA's endorsement, but 78% of DFA members nationwide supported one of the same three progressive candidates. Apparently, after four years, Deaniacs are still thinking pretty much alike.


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