Our Endorsements for the June 2012 Election

Wed May 2, 2012 11:18:00 am

U.S. Senate Diane Feinstein
U.S. House, District 12 Nancy Pelosi, 1st choice
Barry Hermanson, 2nd choice
U.S. House, District 14 Jackie Speier
CA Senate, District 11 (early endorsed) Mark Leno
CA Assembly, District 17 (early endorsed) Tom Ammiano
CA Assembly, District 19 Phil Ting
Local Propositions  
Prop  A (Waste)  No
Prop  B (Coit Tower) Yes
State Propositions  
Prop 28 (Term Limits) Yes
Prop 29 (Cigarette Tax)       No Recommendation

Candidate questionnaires can be found here.



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