General Election Endorsements

Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:25:00 am

The endorsements for the November 2 election were made by the PAC membership on Tuesday, August 17. Candidate questionnaires are here; videos here. Voter guide (slate mailer), side 1side 2.

U.S. Senate Barbara Boxer (D)*
U.S. House District 8 Nancy Pelosi (D)
U.S. House District 12 Jackie Speier (D)
Governor Jerry Brown (D)
Lt. Governor No Position **
Secretary of State Debra Bowen (D)
Controller John Chiang (D)
Treasurer Bill Lockyer (D)
Attorney General Kamala Harris (D)
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones (D)
Superintendant of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson (D)
Board of Equalization Betty Yee (D)
Judge, Seat 15 Michael Nava
State Senate District 8 Leland Yee (D)*
Assembly District 12 Fiona Ma (D)
Assembly District 13 Tom Ammiano (D)*
Board of Supervisors, District 2 Janet Reilly
Board of Supervisors, District 4 No Endorsement ***
Board of Supervisors, District 6 Debra Walker
Board of Supervisors, District 8 Rafael Mandelman
Board of Supervisors, District 10 Chris Jackson
School Board Kim-Shree Maufas
College Board John Rizzo
BART Board Bert Hill
Public Defender Jeff Adachi
Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting
State Propositions  
19 - Marijuana Legalization Yes *
20 - Congressional Redistricting No
21 - Vehicle License Fee Yes
22 - Transportation/Local Raiding Yes
23 - Climate Destruction No *
24 - Repeal Business Tax Cut Yes
25 - Majority Rule on Budget Yes *
26 - 2/3 Vote on Fee Revenue No *
27 - Return to Legislature Redistrictin Yes
Local Propositions  
AA - Vehicle Registration Fee Yes
A - Retrofit Bond Yes
B - City Retirement/Health Revisions No
C - Mayoral Appearance at Board Mtgs Yes
D - Non-Citizen voting for school board Yes
E - Election Day Registration Yes
F - Health Board Elections Yes
G - Transit Union Renegotiation No position **
H - Local elected officials No
I - Saturday Voting Yes
J - Hotel Clarification/Tax Increase Yes
K - Hotel Clarification/No Increase No
L - Sit/Lie No
M - Community Policing/Foot Patrols Yes
N - Real Property Tax Yes
* Early Endorsed 
** The 60% threshhold for endorsement was not reached
*** The membership declined to endorse a candidate



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