SF4DPAC Endorses for the May Special Election

Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:32:00 am

On April 20, 2009, members of the San Francisco for Democracy PAC met to vote on endorsements for the May 19 Special Election. This is a very difficult issue, as the state is in terrible financial condition and unless immediate revenue is found, layoffs and project suspensions will redouble. Nevertheless, we found that we could not endorse having a gun held to our head by the Yacht Party minority; Prop 1A makes unacceptable structural changes to the budgeting process and increases the Governor's power to unilaterally slash budgets, while 1C - 1E, the only measures with any immediate impact, take money away from already severely underfunded education, children's services and mental health programs, and will likely still fall far short of making up the gap. 1F is an insult to the intelligence of California voters placed on the ballot by Abel Maldonado, one more cudgel for the tyrannical minority to beat the majority over the head with. 1F will not stop Democrats from trying to change the fact that California education is last in the nation, nor will it release Republicans from their fealty to the Norquist "no taxes" pledge. 

State Ballot Measures
1A - Restrictions on State Budget Process - NO
1B - Education Funding - NO
1C - Lottery-Secured Bonds - NO
1D - Diverting Children's Services Funding - NO
1E - Diverting Mental Health Services Funding - NO
1F - Elected Officials' Salaries - NO



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