Our Official 2008 Presidential Endorsement Vote

Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:34:00 pm

After a week of on-line voting using Demo Choice software, no one Presidential candidate was able to reach the 60% threshold needed for an official SF4Democracy Federal Action endorsement.   But the distribution of votes in the first round made clear the majority of those who voted overwhelmingly favored one of three progressive candidates:  Edwards, Kucinich, or Obama.  

An advantage of using ranked choice voting in a contest where the individual voter may find several candidates acceptable is that its instant run-off results will reflect a broader base of support for a possible “run-off winner.”   In this particular poll, many members who had a first choice preference for one of the lower vote getters were still able to influence the final results by virtue of their second or third choice preferences. As the rounds of ballot counting progressed, it was clear that people who had cast their first choice vote for Clinton, Dodd,  Richardson, or McKinney had also indicated a lower choice vote for one of the candidates listed above. 

The penultimate round saw the elimination of Kucinich, leaving Edwards with 58.7% of the final vote, and Obama with 41.3%. Taken as a whole, 92% of participating voters wound up having a say in this final outcome.  You can view all the rounds of voting in this Demo Choice poll here.

It's interesting to note the similarity of our results to a recent DFA Presidential Primary poll in which no one candidate received the 66% needed to earn DFA's endorsement, but 78% of DFA members nationwide supported one of the same three progressive candidates. Apparently, after four years, Deaniacs are still thinking pretty much alike.



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