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Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:49:00 am
by Jim Soper.

Many of you know that I have been active with Election Integrity issues since 2005. This fall we of the Wellstone Voting Rights Task Force had the opportunity to interview all 3 candidates for Secretary State. After much discussion, we decided that Derek Cressman is the most qualified candidate for the job. I hope that you will come to the same conclusion.

The Voting Rights Task Force (VRTF) of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club has been working since 2004 to ensure fair and accurate elections. We were instrumental in electing Debra Bowen Secretary of State (SoS) in 2006, and in reestablishing the use of paper ballots in California. Recently, we have been fighting to stop Internet Voting, and working to modernize our voting systems and citizen auditing. Election integrity is the focus of the VRTF.

During the week of September 16 - 20, members of the VRTF were privileged to interview for at least an hour each, all three Democratic candidates for SoS: Derek Cressman (, and State Senators Leland Yee ( and Alex Padilla ( We were able to ask them detailed questions about elections systems and auditing. We were evaluating their knowledge about the job, and their ability to work with the legislature, registrars and the public.

Our biggest policy concerns are the threat of Internet Voting, and building on the leadership of Debra Bowen in securing the integrity of our elections. All three candidates understand that voting on the Internet is neither safe, nor, being paperless, verifiable. It became clear to us, however, that Derek Cressman has both the knowledge of the issues, and the frequently demonstrated integrity that California needs. He also most strongly supports Debra Bowen's work, and is most likely to build on it in the future. We were also impressed by his long track record with Common Cause advocating campaign finance reform, and his ability to take on the Koch brothers - and win ( Therefore, on November 19th, after extensive debate, the VRTF voted to endorse Derek Cressman for Secretary of State.

The election for California Secretary of State is important for our future. Los Angeles County is building a significant new election system ( Within a decade it will most probably be used around California and the country. It will be up to the next Secretary to ensure that it meets the high standards of Debra Bowen and California. Therefore we urge you to vote and work for Derek Cressman for Secretary of State.

Voting Rights Task Force

Richard Tamm
Jim Soper

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