Endorsements for November Election

Sat Sep 6, 2014 1:20:00 am

Following are the endorsements finalized at the Sept. 3 General Membership meeting of San Francisco for Democracy:

United States - Federal
U.S. House of Representatives District 12 - Nancy Pelosi
U.S. House or Representatives District 14 - Jackie Speier

California Offices
Governor - Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown
Lieutenant Governor - No Endorsement
Secretary of State - Alex Padilla
Controller- Betty Yee
Treasurer - John Chiang
Board of Equalization - Fiona Ma
Attorney General - Kamala Harris
Insurance Commissioner - Dave Jones
Superintendent of Public Instruction - Tom Torlakson

Assembly District 17 - David Campos
Assembly District 19 - Phil Ting

City and County of San Francisco
Board of Supervisors: District 2 - No recommendation *
Board of Supervisors: District 4 - No endorsement
Board of Supervisors: District 6 - Jane Kim
Board of Supervisors: District 8 - No recommendation *
Board of Supervisors: District 10 - Tony Kelly
Public Defender - Jeff Adachi
Assessor/Recorder - Carmen Chu
Superior Court Seat 20 - Daniel Flores
Bay Area Rapid Transit: District 8 - No endorsement
Community College Board: Four-Year Term - Wendy Aragon, Brigitte Davila, Thea Selby
Community College Board: Two-Year Term - William Walker
Board of Education - Stevon Cook

State of California Propositions
Prop 1 (Water Bond) - No recommendation *
Prop 2 ("rainy day" fund increase) - Yes
Prop 45 (Healthcare Insurance) - Yes
Prop 46 (Drug & Alcohol Testing) - No recommendation *
Prop 47 (Criminal sentences) - Yes
Prop 48 (Indian Gaming) - Yes

City and County of San Francisco Propositions
Prop A (Transportation Bond) - Yes
Prop B (Transportation Funding) - Yes
Prop C (Children's fund) - Yes
Prop D (Retiree Health Benefits) - Yes
Prop E (Tax Sugared Beverages) - No recommendation *
Prop F (Pier 70) - Yes
Prop G (Transfer Tax on Property) - Yes
Prop H (Golden Gate keep grass) - Yes
Prop I (Kill Prop H + worse) - No
Prop J (Minimum Wage Increase) - Yes
Prop K (Affordable Housing) - Yes
Prop L (Transportation Priorities) - No

* No recommendation - did not meet the 60% threshold.

Videos, candidate questionnaires, and ballot measure information may be found here.



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