June 2016 Endorsements

Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:08:00 am

SF Democratic Party County Central Committee, District 17

Important note: we endorsed 15 candidates, but you can vote for no more than 14 slots on the official ballot.

  • Alysabeth Alexander
  • Tom Ammiano
  • John Burton
  • David Campos
  • Malia Cohen
  • Petra deJesus
  • Jon Golinger
  • Michael Grafton
  • Pratima Gupta
  • Shaun Haines
  • Jane Kim
  • Rafael Mandelman
  • Aaron Peskin
  • Gladys Soto
  • Cindy Wu

SF Democratic Party County Central Committee District 19

  • Brigitte Davila
  • Sandra Lee Fewer
  • Hene Kelly
  • Eric Mar
  • Gabriel Medina
  • Myrna Melgar
  • Norman Yee

SF Green Party County Central Committee

  • John Marc Chandonia
  • Barry Hermanson
  • Richard Stone

President of the United States

Bernie Sanders

United States Senate

Kamala Harris

United States Congressional Representative, District 14

Jackie Speier

United States Congressional Representative, District 12

Barry Hermanson

(San Francisco for Democracy believes that in a top 2 election, the opposition should be a strong progressive rather than a Republican)

California State Senate, District 11

Jane Kim

California State Assembly, District 17

David Chiu

California State Assembly, District 19

Phil Ting

Superior Court Judge, Office Number 7

Victor Hwang


SF Local Ballot Measures

Proposition A: Public Health and Safety Bond YES

Proposition B: Park, Recreation and Open Space Fund NO

Proposition C: Affordable Housing Requirements YES

Proposition D: Office of Citizens Complaints Investigations: YES

Proposition E: Paid Sick Leave YES


District Ballot Measures

SF Bay Clean Water, Pollution Prevention and Habitat Restoration Program YES


State of California Ballot Measures

Proposition 50: Suspension of Legislators YES

Candidate statements and ballot measure information may be found here.



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