November 2016 Endorsements

Fri Sep 9, 2016 12:35:00 pm

Endorsements finalized on Sept 7, 2016 by the membership.  You can find candidate questionnaires, ballot measure analyses, interview videos, and other materials here.

U.S. President
Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senate
Kamala Harris

U.S. Congress, District 12
Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Congress, District 14
Jackie Speier

California State Senate, District 11
Jane Kim

California State Assembly, District 17
David Chiu

California State Assembly, District 19
Phil Ting

Superior Court Judge, Office Number 7
Victor Hwang

SF Board of Supervisors: District 1
Sandra Lee Fewer

SF Board of Supervisors: District 3
Aaron Peskin

SF Board of Supervisors: District 5
Dean Preston

SF Board of Supervisors: District 7
Norman Yee

SF Board of Supervisors: District 9
Hillary Ronen

SF Board of Supervisors: District 11
Kimberly Alvarenga

SF Board of Education
Warning: Voters can only vote for 4 of these five in the November election
Rachel Norton
Stevon Cook
Trevor McNeil
Matthew Haney
Mark Sanchez

SF Community College Board
Alex Randolph
Rafael Mandelman
Shanell Williams
Tom Temprano

BART Board of Directors: District 7
Lateefah Simon

BART Board of Directors: District 9
Bevan Dufty

Local Ballot Propositions
Prop A: School Bonds—YES
Prop B: City College Parcel Tax Extension—YES
Prop C: General Revenue Bonds—YES
Prop D: Vacancy Appointment Limitations—YES
Prop E: Street Maintenance Responsibility—YES
Prop F: 16 & 17 year olds voting in School Board elections—YES
Prop G: Police Accountability, Office of Citizens Complaints—YES
Prop H: Public Advocate Office created—YES
Prop I: Dignity Fund, set-asides for seniors and adults with disability—YES
Prop J: Set-aside funds for transportation, homeless—no recommendation*
Prop K: Sales Tax Increase—NO
Prop L: MTA Appointments, split in power between Mayor & BOS—YES
Prop M: Create Housing & Development Commission—YES
Prop N: Non-citizen voting in School Board Elections—YES
Prop O: Office Development at Candlestick & Hunters Point—NO
Prop P: Competitive Bidding for Affordable Housing Development—NO
Prop Q: Prohibit Tents on Public Sidewalks—NO
Prop R: Safe Neighborhoods, create new dedicated police unit—NO
Prop S: Allocation of hotel tax—YES
Prop T: Restricting Campaign Contributions—YES
Prop U: Affordable Housing, increase income percentage in definition—NO
Prop V: Tax on Sweet Beverages—YES
Prop W: Transfer tax on luxury properties—YES
Prop X: Space preservation for Community Services—YES

Regional Ballot Proposition
Prop RR: Bond for BART, 3.5 billion—YES

State Ballot Propositions
Prop 51: School Bonds—YES
Prop 52: Medi-Cal Reimbursement—no recommendation*
Prop 53: Voter Approval for Revenue Bonds that Exceed $2 Billion—NO
Prop 54: Legislature Transparency Act—no recommendation*
Prop 55: Tax Extension to Fund Education—YES
Prop 56: Cigarette Tax Increase, $2 per pack—YES
Prop 57: Criminal Sentences & Juvenile Sentencing—YES
Prop 58: Multilingual Education Act—YES
Prop 59: Overturn Citizens United Act—YES
Prop 60: Require Condoms in Adult Films—NO
Prop 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases Standards—YES
Prop 62: Death Penalty Abolition—YES
Prop 63: Firearms & Ammunition Sales—YES
Prop 64: Marijuana Legalization—YES
Prop 65: Charges for Carry-out Bags—NO
Prop 66: Death Penalty Procedures—NO
Prop 67: Uphold Ban on Single-Use Bags—YES

* no recommendation - the vote did not reach our 60% threshold.



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