November 2012 Endorsements

Sat Sep 15, 2012 2:17:15 am

President Barack Obama
U.S. Senate Dianne Feinstein
U.S. House, District 12 Nancy Pelosi
2nd choice: Barry Hermanson
U.S. House, District 14 Jackie Speier
CA Senate, District 11 (early endorsed) Mark Leno
CA Assembly, District 17 (early endorsed) Tom Ammiano
CA Assembly, District 19 Phil Ting
Supervisor, District 1 Eric Mar
Supervisor, District 3 David Chiu
Supervisor, District 5 John Rizzo
Supervisor, District 7 F.X. Crowley
Supervisor, District 9 David Campos
Supervisor, District 11 John Avalos
Board of Education Sandra Lee Fewer
Gladys Soto
College Board Amy Bacharach
Chris Jackson
Rafael Mandelman
BART Board, District 7 Maria Alegria
BART Board, District 9 No Recommendation
Local Propositions  
Prop A (CCSF Parcel Tax) Yes
Prop B (Parks Bond) No
Prop C (Housing Trust Fund) Yes
Prop D (Consolidating Odd-Year Elections No
Prop E (Gross Receipts Tax) Yes
Prop F (Water Study) No
Prop G (Opposing Corporate Personhood) Yes
State Propositions  
Prop 30 (Governor's Tax Measure) Yes
Prop 31 (Budget Limitaions)       No
Prop 32 (Destroying Union Political Power) NO
Prop 33 (Mercury Insurance) No
Prop 34 (Repeal Death Penalty) Yes
Prop 35 ("Human Trafficking") No Recommendation
Prop 36 (Ease Three Strikes) Yes
Prop 37 (Labeling GMOs) Yes
Prop 38 (Education Sales Tax) No Recommendation
Prop 39 (Tax Multistate Biz; Clean Energy Jobs) Yes
Prop 40 (Keep Independent Senate Redistricting) Yes

Candidate questionnaires, videos, and ballot measure info can be found here. Our handy voter guide is here.



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