Minnesota, one of your Senators is missing

Sun Apr 5, 2009 1:21:12 am

The March 31 NY 20 Special Election to replace newly minted Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has now come and gone; on Thursday Republican Jim Tedisco conceded the race with only 401 votes separating him from Democrat Scott Murphy. Meanwhile, in the North Star State, the election has been over for six months, a state-mandated recount has been completed, and Norm Coleman has lost his suit to overturn the recount. Coleman, who had this to say

the day after the election, is currently in the process of submitting a brief for an appeal, which if accepted, will commence around June 1.

No one who has been following this seriously thinks Coleman has a chance to win this election. So why do the Republicans continue to fund his windmill-jousting? Hard to escape the conclusion that it all has to do with Franken being the 59th 60th vote for the Obama agenda. A vote for the environment, a vote for health care, a vote for justice, a vote for labor. You know, everything Republicans hate.

So what can we do about it? DFA and the Progressive Change Committee have put together a clever program to make Norm regret his obstructionism by funding progressive challengers. Just go to NormDollar.com and sign up to donate a dollar (or five, or whatever) to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee for every day this baloney drags on. Over $34,000 raised in the first week! 



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