Glendon "Anna Conda" Hyde BOS 2 questionnaire

Glendon "Anna Conda" Hyde BOS 2 questionnaire

Postby Jeff_W on Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:54 pm

Questionnaire for Board of Supervisors Candidates District 2,
November, 2010 General Election

Candidate/Campaign Information:
Candidate name:
Glendon “Anna Conda” Hyde
Contact person:
Tyler Hosac
Mail address:
4 Jennifer Place SF Ca 94107
Email address:
Web address:
Anticipated Budget:
Funds raised to date:
Percentage of donations under $50

Please write a brief response (less than 150 words) to each question. You will have additional opportunities to address these issues.

1. Why are you running? Why should we vote for you? I am running as an independent voice for change in the city and its politics. Many of my peers; especially after Prop 8 passed felt they no longer had a voice that would be recognized by even local government. I believe that if change is going to happen it will be by community leaders such as myself stepping up to create that change. Also working with the Community Housing partnership and advocating for housing rights I have seen first hand how the obvious solution to this problem; safe clean housing; is ignored for political grandstanding purposes. Affordable housing and Safe Injection sites will save the city several million dollars and the need for laws like sit/lie.

2. What sets you apart from your opponents? I have an years of activism behind me and I have lived in an SRO and used government assistance to better my situation. This knowledge is valuable first hand experience when dealing with the major issues of District 6.

3. San Francisco for Democracy is committed to grassroots involvement. Please explain how you are involving ordinary citizens in your campaign? My entire campaign is volunteer without a single paid staff person. Only one has ever worked with a political campaign before.

4. San Francisco for Democracy endorses fiscally responsible and socially progressive candidates. Please give examples of why you fit these criteria? We do not waste a cent! Our whole campaign is run on the belief that if the right steps were taken to care for disenfranchised peoples we would have monies left over for infrastructure spending and we can stop relying on Bond measures to see us through tough times for example.

5. What public safety strategies currently being implemented by the San Francisco Police department do you agree, or disagree with? What will be your agenda regarding public safety, if elected supervisor? Public safety is best when the police and the community are united. We need foot patrols and more bike patrols to allow engagement with Police officers. Sit/Lie laws are not needed since all the crimes people want to stop are already covered in existing laws. This is a costly measure that would just drain the cities coffers by incarcerating people over and over again with tax payers monies and not offering any real solution.
6. What do you believe is the correct percentage of units to be set aside for affordable housing, when property is redeveloped? Please explain why you believe that percentage is correct? With estimates of 30 to 50% of new condo development empty I think we can see that our city can go as high as 30 to 45% of new development to be low cost and family housing. If our city needs to be responsible for between 7 and 14 thousand homeless it makes no sense to allow people to move into empty housing that is available. Also most working families have to leave the city do to cost. That means most of our safety workers live out of the city and in the event of a catastrophic event would need to travel to the city to begin rescue opporations.

7. Public transportation is dysfunctional in the City and County of San Francisco. Do you agree with that statement? If not, why? If so, what is your analysis of why it is dysfunctional? What will you do to make public transportation functional if elected? Yes MUNI needs MUNI only lanes so that service is quick and reliable. We are the only city that has all of its public transit run through traffic. It also does not help that the budget has been pillaged for causes other than fixing and maintaing MUNI. MUNI provides transportation for the elderly who have no other source of transportation and are some of our mos vulnerable citizens.

8. What do you view as the top three issues in District 2? What are your solutions for these problems? Do you believe these issues are consistent throughout the city? If they are not consistent, what do you view as the issues outside your district that should be addressed in the coming years? Do you have solutions for those issues?
1. The City of San Francisco is on the cusp of enacting unethical sit-lie laws without giving the homeless an alternative to living on the streets. Shelters are not solutions and that is where Care–Not-Cash has failed to provide long-term solutions to ending homelessness for residents of District 6 and the entire city.

What we can do:
Establish day centers as well as safe houses so that people living on the streets have physical spaces to access referral resources and basic human needs. Day centers are the best alternatives to sit/lie laws and shelters.
Build public toilets accessible to the homeless community so they’re not inhumanely forced to use the streets as toilets. They’re not dogs and should not be treated as such.
Replace Care-Not-Cash with Housing-Not-Cash. Care-Not-Cash has failed to provide long-term solutions to homelessness. It has placed an emphasis on shelters alone, and has disproportionately displaced families with teenage children, immigrant families, and LGBTQ families.
2 Inadequate rent control laws, skyrocketing rents, and expansive condo developments are pushing many of our neighbors out of their homes and onto the streets or out of San Francisco entirely. 

What we can do:
Close loopholes in the current rent control law and extend rent control citywide. Loopholes in the current rent control law allow landlords and developers to lift rent control once meager building improvements are made. As a result, tenants become exposed to higher rents without a verifiable improved quality of life.
Create affordable housing by redeveloping the mid-Market Street corridor.
Provide tax incentives for Market Street corridor businesses that employ Market Street corridor residents.
Attract tourists and tax dollars by showcasing artwork made by local artists, much like the marketplace near the Ferry Building farmers’ market. The idea can be expanded to create greater revenue streams, build community, and preserve culture.
3Small businesses employ 40 percent of the population of San Francisco, yet bureaucratic hurdles can stall or derail these establishments, sometimes preventing them from getting off the ground. 

What we can do:
Extend rent control to small businesses to ensure stability for business owners and the communities they serve.
Streamline the permitting process for small businesses – from boutiques to technology start-ups – to get the green light from inception to opening day.
Support nightlife and bars, one of the few sectors still driving tax revenue in the current economic climate.
Extend grandfather clauses to nightlife establishments to protect them from gentrification.
I think Muni is the issue that I would focus on mostly for the entire city but all three of my issues are city wide issues however I would say Affordable Housing is greater in district 6 and this burden should be shared city wide instead of “ghettoizing” the disenfranchised in our city.
9. What is your position regarding privatization in the public sector? I am hardly ever for privatization because it creates a have and have not dynamic that is detrimental to community building efforts.

10. Do you favor the use of Project Labor Agreements in the public sector? Please explain your position.

11. What is your position regarding Sit/Lie? Absolutely wrong and heads us in the opposite direction as we should be going as stated above.

12. Do you believe San Francisco should be a Sanctuary city? Yes but with federal laws being the last say in immigration laws I wonder how effective this idea would be. Also letting cities and states create laws like this is how we ended up with problems in Arizona and their current immigration stance.
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