Marlene Tran BOS 10 questionnaire

Marlene Tran BOS 10 questionnaire

Postby Jeff_W on Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:17 pm

Candidate name:

Marlene Tran

Contact person:

Marlene Tran

Mail address:

23 Ervine Street, San Francisco, Ca 94134


Cell ( 415) 377-6214

Email address:

Web address:

Anticipated Budget:


Funds raised to date:

about $10,000

Percentage of donations under $50


Please write a brief response (less than 150 words) to each question. You will have additional opportunities to address these issues.

1. Why are you running? Why should we vote for you?

Some of my basic agendas are similar to that of the San Francisco For Democracy. As a grassroots activist in District 10 for over 2 decades, I have been fighting for social justice and fiscal responsibility to help our diverse residents with many qualities of life issues.

Since I moved to Visitacion Valley about 20 years ago, I have worked tirelessly to advocate for many neighborhood services and programs for our diverse residents. After I retired from over 30 years of teaching children and adults in San Francisco in 2009, I can now devote my fulltimeto expand my services for all of District 10. Some of my successful endeavors were:

San Francisco for Democracy Questionnaire for Board of Supervisors


Public Safety - I am currently a Community Advisory Board member of both Ingleside and Bayview Police Pprecincts after 20 years of persistent efforts to improve neighborhood safety

Muni – The MTA recognized me as a “ Community Treasure” for my many years of services and especially for gathering over 5,000 signatures to extend the #8 Express to 7 days to serve the high transportation needs of our residents.

Expansion of CCSF Classes - I spearheaded the expansion of the ESL/Citizenship classes to help thousands of residents acquire English skills to become American citizens and get better jobs.

Job Training- To address the disparity of work opportunities, I initiated surveys to lobby for jobs and job training.

Green Jobs/Environment- I encourage jobs, housing and other developments to feature environmentally- friendly and green technology. I practice what I preach: My building has 40 solar panels.

In addition, I have initiated signature drives that led to many improvements in our neighborhood parks and for our modern new library.

I believe my strong track records, integrity and commitment to lead District 10 deserve your consideration for endorsement.

2. What sets you apart from your opponents?

My actions speak louder than words. One news media called me the “ Modern Day Woman Warrior” for fighting City Hall for our fair share of services.

On 01-01-10 – World Journal Newspaper recognized me as one of the six “ Bay Area Heroes” for my 20+ years of advocacy for neighborhood safety, education, Muni, parks, language access other and minority services.

My multicultural and multilingual strengths enable me listen to my diverse neighbors’ input and concerns to advocate for them. I will make sure that our City policies will be inclusive of the input and needs of all our residents.

I will continue to put my passion for my neighborhoods to work for District 10 at City Hall.

3. San Francisco for Democracy is committed to grassroots involvement. Please explain how you are involving ordinary citizens in your campaign?

After I moved to District 10, I fought for many services that were needed by the sizable non- and limited English-speaking residents in my immediate communities. Since personal safety was of primary concern, I initiated bilingual surveys, mobilized the residents and translated their

San Francisco for Democracy Questionnaire for Board of Supervisors


concerns at our monthly safety meetings to law enforcement. In fact, I was so passionate to make our community safe that I even offered, for free, to Ingleside Precinct’s Captain Bruce my

personal property to set up as a One-Stop on Leland Avenue for officers to have more direct contacts with residents.

Our ESL/Citizenship program that I spearheaded for CCSF’s Southeast Campus was so successful that we ran out of space at the Visitacion Valley Community Center so I offered my own building for a very, very nominal charge to hold two classes for our residents to learn English and become American citizens.

As a result of working with thousands of students in my 30+ years of teaching children and adults, I have accepted their encouragement for me to run for Supervisor in District 10.

4. San Francisco for Democracy endorses fiscally responsible and socially progressive candidates. Please give examples of why you fit these criteria?


In my undergraduate studies at UC-Berkeley, I was very inspired by the work of environmentalists so I always practiced what I preach. I included 40 solar panels and other green features in my new building. I donate to causes which help our “ Mother Earth”.

6. What public safety strategies currently being implemented by the San Francisco Police department do you agree, or disagree with? What will be your agenda regarding public safety, if elected supervisor?

Twenty years ago and also recently, I initiated bilingual surveys to substantiate our community safety concerns ,and, by my proactive stance to get the substantial services District 10 needs.

Last year, I personally gathered over 300 trilingual surveys( out of 900 ) for Ingleside Police Station . Our station now serves as a model for other precincts with a very active Community Advisory Board. Beside serving on this board, I have also asked to join the CAB in the Bayview District to offer my experiences and my multilingual abilities to help bridge better communications with residents.

Although I wrote to the SF Police Commissioners in November, 2007 with 24 ideas , I am happy that Chief Gascon has finally implemented a few of them to help the sizable non- and limited-English speaking residents. On August 2nd, I personally went to City Hall to support Supervisor Carmen Chu’s resolution to reduce crimes in and around bus stops.

If elected, I will continue to make public safety and youth programs as two of my top priorities to bring peace and harmony to District 10.

7. What do you believe is the correct percentage of units to be set aside for affordable housing, when property is redeveloped? Please explain why you believe that percentage is correct?

District 10 is the largest district and we have the potential for several major housing developments. The former Schalge development on Bayshore/Leland already allocates 25% to affordable housing. We will fight to get 30% low and affordable housing with priorities given to residents in 94124 and 94134.

8. Public transportation is dysfunctional in the City and County of San Francisco. Do you agree with that statement? If not, why? If so, what is your analysis of why it is dysfunctional? What will you do to make public transportation functional if elected?

As an environmentalist and a conservationist, MUNI has been my chief mode of transportation. After my mayoral appointment to the Immigrant Rights Commission, I worked with other commissioners to make MUNI more responsive to the needs of our more vulnerable riders : seniors, handicapped, low income, children, non and limited-English etc. We found it out of compliance.

Last year, I brought a group to convince the TEP manager not inconvenience our riders and to prevent to waste of money to change our #9 express to #8 express. Despite our sound advice, Muni insisted on the changes and subsequently raised our fares. I even talked to Mr.Nate Ford in person about these concerns several times.

Despite the bloated salaries of Muni’s management, it continues to disregard the basic transportation needs of our vulnerable population therefore this department needs major management changes.

9. What do you view as the top three issues in District 10? What are your solutions for these issues? Do you believe these issues are consistent throughout the city? If they are not consistent, what do you view as the issues outside your district that should be addressed in the coming years? Do you have solutions for those issues?

Public Safety – We need to find viable solutions to improve on community safety for our seniors, families , children and youth. Since I have been focusing on this basic need for over 20 years, I can offer many ideas to bring more peace and harmony to District 10.

Jobs – To reduce our high unemployment rate, we need to offer incentives to attract small businesses to invest in our district. To prepare our residents for our ten-year building boom, I have already initiated surveys for job training and jobs to be inclusive of our diverse residents to benefit from different levels of VESL programs from Evans and Southeast Campuses. Investing in green technology jobs would be the hallmark of District 10.

Neighborhood Schools – As a retired teacher of both SFUSD and CCSF, I can recommend many ideas to provide quality programs in our neighborhood schools.

10. What is your position regarding privatization in the public sector?

As a retired public school teacher who was a member of both AFT2121 and United Educators, I prefer our public funds be used for the public good.

11. Do you favor the use of Project Labor Agreements in the public sector? Please explain your position.

I support Project Labor Agreements to make sure appropriate budgets for labor costs are agreed upon before the work is done.

12. What is your position regarding Sit/Lie?

Businesses, residents and tourists should not be bothered by aggressive panhandlers who erode their qualities of life.

If the Sit/Lie law can exempt the day laborers from earning their livelihoods, I can support it.
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