Matt Drake BOS 6 questionnaire

Matt Drake BOS 6 questionnaire

Postby Jeff_W on Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:44 pm

Candidate name:

Matthew Drake

Contact person:

Mail address:

855 Folsom Street #909, San Francisco CA 94107


(415) 385-1301

Email address:

Web address:

Anticipated Budget:

Whatever I raise

Funds raised to date:

$ 12,000, plus public financing

Percentage of donations under $50

Roughly 1/3; the numbers vary

Please write a brief response (less than 150 words) to each question. You will have additional opportunities to address these issues.

1. Why are you running? Why should we vote for you?

I’m running because I love San Francisco and want to make it a better place. I’ve been deeply involved with my neighborhood, which is the central SOMA area. Many neighborhoods in the district are still new and are changing quickly. We need additional city services, like mass transit and police, to give us the same quality of life enjoyed by the rest of the city.

Virtually all of the growth in San Francisco will take place in this district or in District 10. I want to ensure that growth happens in a responsible manner.

2. What sets you apart from your opponents?

I have spent my entire career in the private sector working in different technology fields. San Francisco’s economic future should be in technology. We have many startups and growing small companies already, especially in the digital media space. I want to help these companies grow and encourage additional startups to be located here. I will be an advocate for these companies in city government.

Because I am independent of any political machines, I will be an independent voice for District 6.

3. San Francisco for Democracy is committed to grassroots involvement. Please explain how you are involving ordinary citizens in your campaign?

Most of my support comes from people who are outside of the standard San Francisco political machines. Almost every one of my volunteers are people who have not been involved in local politics before.

4. San Francisco for Democracy endorses fiscally responsible and socially progressive candidates. Please give examples of why you fit these criteria?

Being socially progressive and fiscally responsible are not incompatible. Making city government more efficient is fiscally responsible and it also frees up more money for city services. An efficient city government would also allow us to spend more on critical services without raising taxes. For instance, I believe all city departments should be regularly audited. The

5. What public safety strategies currently being implemented by the San Francisco Police department do you agree, or disagree with? What will be your agenda regarding public safety, if elected supervisor?

Public safety is the largest problem is District 6. Chief Gascón has prioritized qualify of life crimes and has started moving the department’s technology into the 1990s. I support what he has done. He has made a difference and has improved the quality of life in some of the most crime ridden areas of the district.

In general, we should move SFPD officers to the high crime areas. The Tenderloin, Mission and parts of SOMA need more officers. If we can bring more officers to these areas, they will be able to walk the beat, which is the most effective kind of policing.

As supervisor, I will work with the police and the District Attorney to ensure that we continue to prosecute quality of live crimes.

6. What do you believe is the correct percentage of units to be set aside for affordable housing, when property is redeveloped? Please explain why you believe that percentage is correct?

We have a chronic shortage of housing and I support a variety of different kinds of new housing. Unfortunately, project financing will be significantly more difficult over the next several years. We do not want to make it impossible for developers to build. It is difficult to predict what percentage of affordable housing will be possible in the next several years.

Many of the new homes in District 10 will be priced for middle class buyers and renters, which is exactly what we need in San Francisco. Rather than set a hard target, I would like to encourage developers to include more family housing.

7. Public transportation is dysfunctional in the City and County of San Francisco. Do you agree with that statement? If not, why? If so, what is your analysis of why it is dysfunctional? What will you do to make public transportation functional if elected?

Yes. Muni has several problems. I support the Fix Muni Now ballot measure in November. If it passes, it will be important to change the work rules for Muni drivers. For example, drivers should not be allowed to just not show up for work without notifying their supervisor.

I also oppose the way that other city departments have raided Muni for funding over the last few years. We need to protect Muni’s budget from other departments.

8. What do you view as the top three issues in District 6? What are your solutions for these issues? Do you believe these issues are consistent throughout the city? If they are not consistent, what do you view as the issues outside your district that should be addressed in the coming years? Do you have solutions for those issues?

Jobs. The economy is the most important citywide issue, and is also relevant to District 6. We need to encourage small businesses in the city. I will look to reduce the burden on companies and streamline the permitting process.

Quality of Life. District 6 residents deserve streets that are clean and safe. We should put the cops where the criminals are—moving police from safer areas to high crime areas where they can make more of a difference.

Good Government. City government should be effective, efficient, and responsive. Waste at City Hall results in less money being available for the things we want to spend money on, like services and Muni. This is a critical citywide issue.

9. What is your position regarding privatization in the public sector?

I am generally opposed to privatizing the public sector.

10. Do you favor the use of Project Labor Agreements in the public sector? Please explain your position.

I generally favor requiring union labor.

11. What is your position regarding Sit/Lie?

I favor this ordinance, although it will not be a panacea. We have a problem, especially in the Haight and what we are doing right now is not working. I would prefer that this ordinance lasted for just one year, so we could gauge its effectiveness.

12. Do you believe San Francisco should be a Sanctuary city?

Yes. The details of our policies are important. For example, we want women in abusive relationships to feel comfortable calling the police without fear of being deported. At the same time, we should not put our front line employees in the sheriff’s department in the position of deciding to follow either local or federal law, nor should we put them in the position where following local law would cause them to violate federal law. We have must follow federal law in cases.
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