Inspiration (by David Quan)

Universal Health Care, anyone?

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Inspiration (by David Quan)

Postby Jeff_W on Thu May 10, 2007 9:10 pm

by David Quan - transplanted from the old "Health Care Blog"

I attended a CUHCOP mailing last night and came away a little more inspired and determined for it. Was it the stuffing of hundreds of envelopes that increased my fine motor dexterity? No. It was a fellow activist I met, let's call her Sarah. Sarah has a combination of bipolar and chronic fatigue syndrome. She is getting treatment for her bipolar, but she says doctors won't treat her chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs), because she is on Medicare. She's unable to work fulltime as a result of cfs and finds it a slog to get through her part time job which barely covers her bills. She has had this condition for two decades. Successful treatments for cfs do exist, but are clearly not available to everyone. It's for people like Sarah that we have to win this fight, and it's stories like hers that I believe can really turn the tide.

There is a prevalent feeling amongst activists that people with medical problems who get shafted by the current medical non-system, tend to blame themselves and are isolated by their specific experiences. If more people shared their stories with one another, the moral imperative would become more clear, the compounding economic impact be more obvious, and people might become less isolated in their healthcare frustrations.

I think addressing this need is what "the latest story" on the website tries to fill. This idea also came up at a recent Wellstone healthcare committee meeting, where they are looking at getting a similiar idea going.

What do you all think? Does this sound like a good idea? Any suggestions for recruiting? Should we consider creating our own site, or should we suggest a team up with the Wellstone committee's efforts?

Let's get this ball moving forward! If Sarah can hang in there another half year (let's cross our fingers) she might be eligible for Healthcare through the city's plan, but millions of other Californians won't have even that. Progressive Power!
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