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Candidate & Ballot Measure Videos

Postby Jeff_W on Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:25 pm

Supervisorial Candidates
Juan-Antonio Carballo, District 2
Katy Tang, District 4
Jane Kim, District 6
Michael Nulty, Distrct 6
Jamie Whitaker, District 6
John Nulty, District 8
Scott Weiner, District 8
Tony Kelly, District 10

School Board Candidates
Stevon Cook
Trevor McNeil
Emily Murase
Mark Murphy
Shamann Walton

College Board Candidates
Wendy Aragon
Brigitte Davila
Anita Grier
Thea Selby
William Walker

Judicial Candidates
Daniel Flores
Carol Kingsley

BART Candidates
Nicholas Josefowitz

Ballot Measures
Yes on A
No on A/B
Yes on B
Yes on D
Yes on E
No on E
Yes on G
Yes on H / No on I
Yes on I
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